Friday, April 01, 2016

April Fools

I saw this article a year ago and decided to save it for this year (hopefully the link still works!)

I personally enjoyed the slideshow at the end... Finland seems to have the best deal for students who don't want to be in the classroom.  Shorter school days, 75 minutes of recess, and don't go to school until age 7.  However, from this humble teachers perspective I'm not sure on the starting at age 7.  There is so much learning that can happen before then and lets be honest, not every parent is cut out to be a teacher.  Also, if lunch time is included in the 75 minutes of recess then wouldn't most schools actually get more recess time?  I guess they weren't getting into specifics (for the record I think we have a good amount of recess time here).

I had no idea that in some countries kids went to school 6 days a week!

Kids in Chile get a looong summer break.  I'm wondering if they are expected to work during that time... 12 weeks is a big gap in my opinion.

Want to know my opinion on the April Fools joke?

I actually don't hate the idea.  EXCEPT... I'm guessing there wouldn't be a Christmas break (well there would... it would just be tied in with the 2 weeks off between terms) or Spring Break.  So would that mean students only get 8 weeks off throughout the year total?  
I guess 8 weeks still seems like a very generous amount anyways.  

If this actually did happen in my province I'm not sure I would complain too much... it would be nice to have more breaks that aren't quite so long (I would probably work through my breaks more so than what I already do though).

Here is another article I found to support year-round school.
It's an interesting read.

Did I get pranked today?
Stay tuned and I'll try to post later today with any prankings that happened.

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