Sunday, April 03, 2016

These Things Happen

I came across this BuzzFeed article about Embarrassing Things That Can Happen While Substitute Teaching

Based soley on that list... here are my list of offences...

1) I've been doing a lot more high school subbing over the past month and it is not uncommon to be mistaken for a student by other staff.  I do usually dress nicer so that this doesn't happen though.  Once, when I was just starting out as a substitute teacher I got mistaken for a student in middle school... that's just how young I look.

2)  I can't think of a specific time that a student mistook me for another student but I wouldn't doubt that it's happened before.

3)  I mispronounce names wrong.  It happens... I wouldn't say I horribly mispronounce names though.. there have been a handful of times when I've had to use the last name so they could figure out who I was talking about.

4)  I was confused about the sending a student to the office with the attendance.   This is common practice... is it not?

5)  I've likely let 5 kids go to the library at once.  BUT, if I have done this, it is because I know it will be okay... so it would have likely been at my old school where I know the students and the librarian.

6)  Once again I can't think of a specific time but I'm sure I've given the students the wrong assignment... or explained the assignment wrong.  Once it was an art project and I didn't really understand how to do it so I did it the way it made sense to me... turns out it was a little wrong.

7)  I've definitely tried to help a student before and really messed the whole thing up.

8)  Have I ever told you the time my students were writing love letters about me in the form of Awesome Stories?

9)  I'm sure I've made jokes that the kids don't get.  No big deal.

10)  I've come in late.  This is usually in the morning because I very rarely ever leave the school for lunch.  I've walked in with the kids waiting by the door, I've walked in with a resource teacher watching the class, I've walked in with a different substitute covering the class... I've come late (but not because I over slept... sometimes I just don't have enough time to get there on time!)

11)  Recently, I was so hungry after my 2nd period class that I just had to have some of the crackers that I knew I had in my bag.. there were somewhere between 5-10 minutes of break time in between classes so it wasn't like I would be munching on them while everyone else was working or even in the room.  The thing is... these high school kids are such eager beavers to learn that they don't take advantage of their break time and come right to class!  Whatever, I enjoyed the crackers anyways and I crunched them loud (I'm sure).

12)  I've never felt sick as a substitute teacher and had to leave to go to the bathroom but once when I was student teaching I felt super nauseous all of  a sudden and like I was going to faint.  I was standing at the front of the room reading my grade 3 class a book and I just couldn't get through it.  I passed the book off to the EA in the room and got out of there.

13)  BUT I never actually threw up in the school bathroom that time... I did however go home and rest.

14)  I leave things behind all the time in classrooms.  Picture books and water bottles are the big 2.  Luckily it isn't anything embarrassing.

And there you have it... my list of offences.  Do you have any?

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