Monday, February 05, 2018

Tie Dye Snowflakes

A couple of weeks ago I was left subbing without a sub plan and I knew from previous experience of this happening that an art lesson could easily occupy a lot of time (especially if you pair it with a poetry lesson too). 

Luckily, I had already been in for the teacher without a sub plan the previous week and quickly came up with a plan for this Monday prior to leaving on the Friday... so I had already made sure we had all the supplies and were good to go for Monday.

This was a pretty simple art lesson (assuming your students know how to cut snowflakes out of paper) that I found on A Faithful Attempt. She goes over the lesson and what you'll need and the steps you take so I'll just post our finished results...

You may notice that each of my students have a short little haiku poem at the bottom of their pages... that's not a coincidence. After making the snowflakes and putting them to the side to dry I taught them how to do a haiku poem... If you want my opinion (and I'd like to think you do) haiku's are kind of tricky for students to get because you have to count syllables. The previous week I had students make couplet poems about hot chocolate and they were far better at rhyming than counting syllables. 

I've actually talked about this many times before... but when I taught in my grade 5/6 classroom I had my students write a piece of poetry for every single art piece we did. I also never gave my students back their art during the year and instead filed it all away (along with all their poems) and at the end of the year I gave them a book full of their artwork and poetry from the year... sort of like an art portfolio. In my opinion it was a pretty great idea. Plus, as a bonus I didn't actually ever do a "poetry unit" because we just did it throughout the year (and I never heard a single groan about it when we did poetry in connection with art.

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