Saturday, February 10, 2018

This Week At School

This week at school I...

- Participated in a cooking class (we made grilled cheese sandwiches and cut up carrots and pickles)

- Played a lot of Uno and Scattergories 

Card Scattergories - the kids loved it!

- Played some bench ball (some how my team lost... not sure how that happened since I excelled at Sink that Ship just last week

- Had a health day... and was reminded about Canada's food guide (after thinking about everything that I eat in a day I've come to realize I'm likely lacking in the fruit and vegetable category of the food guide and am eating an excess of grains)

- The classroom that I was in on this health day had a bit of a greenhouse inside that was kind of cool. We were reading a book about farms and food that is grown there and I told them about how I was going to go to the local library to pick up some seeds and we talked about the seeds that I picked up from the library after lunch (I went during lunch).

Greenhouse inside of classroom

- One of the classes I was in had done this art project

Tin Foil Sculptures

and it reminded me of these and these art projects I had done in the past 

- Ran into some of my grade 4 students from last year and I never noticed it before but a lot of growing up has gone on between grade 4 and 5... not only do some of them look more grown up but boy are they acting like a lovely bunch of students.

- But perhaps my biggest accomplishment was finding my way to a VERY rural school that I haven't been to in months without taking a single wrong turn. Go me!

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