Thursday, March 08, 2018

Playgrounds... City vs Rural

I was taking a class of students from one of the rural schools I frequent into the big bad city for an afternoon of rock climbing and swimming.  On the way to our destination we passed a school that just so happened to be having recess.  The EA that was on the bus with me pointed out the schools playground to the students... some of their responses:

"What a lame playground"
"What, no hills to play on!?!"
"What a bunch of losers"

The thing is... I can't seem to recall this rural school having much of a playground at all.  The size of the school yard is also probably smaller at the rural school (but they also have a total of about 20 students at this school and the city school likely had at least 200).  But, being that it's winter and all they want to do is sled the entire recess the rural school definitely has the advantage with an abundance of snow hills.. whereas the city school had none.

We got a large amount of snow this week... enough that school was cancelled on Monday in many rural divisions and buses were cancelled in the division I was working that day (see, I told you we weren't out of the woods yet) so it looks like everyone gets a bit more time to play in the snow!

For the record.. I grew up going to school in the city and have wonderful memories of our playground.  We had an awesome play structure that would never pass safety standards nowadays that we would climb all over.  My husband went to a school outside of the city and also has fond memories of building forts and making snow tunnels.

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