Monday, March 26, 2018

Four Names

It's spring break here so I'm just doing this one post for this week (but I think it's a really great idea for all teachers and maybe coming back from spring break would be the perfect time to implement it)!... and if your spring break has come and gone a while ago I also think any time would be the perfect time to implement it.

The post was originally from the Momastery Blog and it was actually written years ago but because I only just discovered it I'm going to go ahead and assume others haven't seen anything about it either.  I also really believe that the ideas in the post are still very much relevant today. 

I think you should just click on that link and read the full story but because you might not or you might just want a quick version of it here's my summary.

A teacher asks her students every Friday to write on a piece of paper the names of 4 others in the class that they would like to sit with the following week.

Then the teacher reviews what others has written and is able to see who's name is never written down, who's name is always written down, who's name was written down a ton last week but not at all this week... she's seeing who is lonely, falling through the cracks, and potentially being bullied.

It could be powerful.

It could change lives.

And all it takes is getting them write down 4 names and reviewing it.

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