Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dress To Impress...

... The Kids

I've already mentioned this in my Sunday posts but perhaps you are new to this blog, missed that posting, or for whatever reason forgotten this excellent piece of advice. Whatever the reason I'm going to repeat this tip because that is exactly what it is... a tip.

Wear something that sparkles, shines, or is in some sort of way impressive.

I'm assuming this is different for everyone (especially the male substitutes out there) but I'll give some suggestions anyways.

1) Shoes. Whenever I wear colourful shoes (ok, my red ones) the kids are impressed and tell me how much they love my shoes (and therefore they also love me). Win over one kid and you'll win over 5 of their friends.

2) Watches. Guys, this one can work for you (because I'm assuming you don't have any cute red shoes in your closet). Get a cool watch and wear short sleeves so that your students will see it, comment on how cool it is, and therefore think you are cool just for owning some awesome piece of jewelry.

3) Jewelry (everything but watches). If it sparkles and shines the kids will be attracted to it like a fat person to cake. They will want to hold your hand when you walk down the hall just for the chance that the bracelet you are wearing might graze their arm.

4) I'm not a guy so I have no idea if this could work but I'll throw it out there and one of you can test it and get back to me but... ties. Get some cool ones. By cool ones I do not mean lame ones. There is a fine line (I am sure). The skinny ties are in right now but those are boring. No child is going to be impressed with a skinny tie unless you are teaching fashion 101. Push the envelope on the tie but don't push it as far as the "teacher sweater" (think an ugly sweater party). Then build up a stash of 10 or so of these awesome ties so that you can rotate them and the kiddos will just think you are continuously awesome.

A few things that I've been complimented on by my students.
The white shoes are from Walmart and everyone seems to have them... the kids love that I have them because they also do

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