Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting Noticed

It's bound to happen. By now you are basically a celebrity amongst children in whatever division/schools you frequent. They all love you and since you live right next door to the school you may eventually bump into one of them.

Sidenote: I suggest not living right next door to a school. You already do? Move. Not an option? Do not let the kids know you live there.

So anywho, one summer I was visiting an aunt in the hospital often and one day I'm walking through the main entrance when I hear a child mention something about her substitute.

"that's my substitute" the girl states.

Assuming I'm the only substitute around I turn around to see what child has recognized me now. Do they want an autograph? Shot, I left my sharpie at home. The girl had beautiful curly red hair. The kind of red hair that you would remember if you had ever subbed or her.

Based on this information I was fairly certain she was not one of my regular students. But cannot place her for the life of me.

"Red hair, red hair, where have I seen that red hair before" I go over in my head...

It's already been hours since I turned around (alright it was probably half a second but it felt like hours). So having no clue who this girl is (or if she was even talking to me). I give my biggest "yes I obviously have such fond memories of subbing for you, how could I possibly forget" and just continue on my way.

Pretty sure I never saw the girl again. She does have the kind of curly red hair that you would remember. Or maybe I see her all the time and she is in a classroom that I frequent. Maybe her red hair is not so memorable after all.

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  1. Sometimes a child might come into a room for a group reading or math activity. You have them for 20 minutes and maybe not even in your group, but they remember you!



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