Sunday, May 26, 2013

This Week At School

This week at school I subbed every day  Full days.
This week at school I only subbed in elementary school.
This week at school I subbed in a 1/2/3 split class! 
This week at school I got to sub in the same classroom twice!... too bad they weren't angels.
This week at school I signed a kids crutch (yes, I said crutch... not the cast which will be gross in a few days probably).

Anywho, enjoy some photos from my week at school!

While part of the class went to track we painted pictures of people dancing.
The kids know about Gangnam style.

I liked these.

The kids took half a minute throughout the day to add a message to the Twitter filing cabinet. 
My favourite?
"I heart butter"

We had an assembly at one of the schools where they premiered an anti bullying video.  
The 4 boys were adorable.
They are getting an article in the community newspaper AND got picked up in a limo for lunch.
Basically superstars!

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