Sunday, May 05, 2013

High School

If you click on the "About Me" tab at the top you will see my profile picture. I must admit it was taken a couple of years ago now but is still accurate to how I look. I look young. This is one of the reasons why I do not normally substitute in a high school (if I blend in with middle school students on occasion you better believe I blend in with the high school students).

There is another reason why I do not normally sub in a high school though. High school students are just slightly more scary. They know more. They (might) care more. And because of this I believe the teachers need to know more and be really good at the subject they teach.

Having said all of this, do not get me wrong, I can substitute teach in a high school and survive! Here is a story on my survival in high school.

First, let me set the scene. I get a phone call from subfinder (it's an automatic phone call and the phone call is for a high school and not just a high school but a high school in the ghetto so I just hang up on subfinder so that I don't have to give an excuse as to why I'm not taking the job). Anyways, subfinder calls again, and again, and again. ALL for the same school and teacher. At this point I'm assuming the classes this teacher must teach are just terrible because no one wants to accept the job! But I eventually go online to look up the actual job only to find out that I've been requested for the job!

Sidenote: I NEVER turn down something I have been requested for

So it's with sweaty palms that my mouse hovers over the accept button and with what little confidence I have I click it. Yes, I Christine, will substitute in a high school in the ghetto. Here's hoping not only I survive but my car does as well (luckily I was given a parking stall number so the later isn't a huge concern).

Day before the scheduled high school day approaches and I get a call from subfinder saying it's been cancelled. Thank the Lord I think and with the saddest face I can muster (to fake being sad about having another day off) I accept that I've gotten the message.

But wait, that's not all. The job has merely been altered to only a half day morning.

"A half day, well I can survive a half day in high school" I proudly announce and carefully lay out my clothes for my next morning teaching high school math and science.

Well I arrive at the school in a timely manner only to see someone has parked in the parking stall I was given. What a terrible start to my morning. I find a spot on the street lock on my club and lock the doors. Then confidence I walk up to the school.

I sign in and talk with the secretaries about how, yes, I am a substitute teacher and am qualified to teach. Which gets us on the topic of the teacher I am subbing for and how I thought it was strange that he requested me even though I have no clue who he is. The give me a description of him but I assure them that he can be 8 feet tall and I still wouldn't know him.

I eventually find my way to my classroom read through the sub plan (math and a movie- I LOVE showing movies when I sub)!

The classes are small. I'm assuming some students may see that it's a substitute teacher and decide to skip class (they are in high school I suppose it's allowed).

Last class in the morning was a science video. One of the students set it up for me (let's face it they likely know more about technology than I do).

I had an EA for some of the time.

I survived my first (and only) day subbing in a high school in the ghetto.

AND not a single student hit on me.... that one's a head scratcher.

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