Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Cream

I've realized that I haven't shared much of my pre Christmas festivities that I did with my students.
Here you can find some of the art we did 
I told you that we played a gift unwrapping game in my middle years class but I didn't do that in my elementary school class.

The best thing (in my opinion) that we did was make snow cream (it was such a hit we had to make it twice!)

Here is the recipe for snow cream that we used.

I made it into a little math activity by having them double the recipe the first day and then I THINK we tripled the recipe the second day.  

I would highly recommend doing this with your students if you live in a place with tons of snow.  
My 4th graders LOVED it.

Confession:  I got this idea when one of my friends posted the above link on Facebook announcing that it was the worst thing you could do because of all the chemicals in the air.  She said it was worse than drinking rain water.  Well, the day after I read that I was outside for recess duty and saw a bunch of my kids eating the snow (it wasn't dirty snow) and I decided that it would be fine.  Besides, we are out in the country and not getting the snow off a main highway or anything.  

What else did we do?

-  I made sugar cookies and we spent some time decorating them.
-  We drew names for secret santa (everyone remembered to bring in their gifts and we didn't need to use my emergency extras - I had 3 extras just in case) and obviously opened presents the morning of the last day.
-  My teaching partner and myself also opened our gifts.  I got a lot of chocolate (and lots from Germany), baking, ornaments, honey (this isn't as surprising as you think it would be), and Tim Horten gift cards.  But the most surprising present?  A webkin (that was from one of my grade 8's).
-  We went sledding 
-  In the afternoon they also had their party where they ate a ton and watched a movie (I was with my grade 8's in the afternoon though)

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