Saturday, January 25, 2014

This Week At School

-  I went on my very first field trip with my students!  It was freezing but I know the kids had a great time so I had a great time too. Plus we were only missing 2 students from the trip!
-  Started story #2 in our short story writing unit
-  Started speaking French in French class.  What a concept!  In our defense this is the first year these students have taken French.
-  Officially started our multiplication unit!  AND... the day we started one of my students told me that the morning had just flown by.  My response?  "Time flies when you are having fun multiplying!"
-  We had our first ever too cold for school day.  Students stayed home, teachers went in.
-  I discovered I have grade 8 assessments to do by the end of February.  Eeep.
-  Drove home (twice) in some white out conditions!  Seriously, it was not good.  But I'm alive and well so all is okay.

Sorry no photos from this week!

Next week I have PD Monday, Tuesday, AND Friday.  It'll be one VERY short week.  I'm a little nervous I didn't plan enough for my subs.. but the plans are 3 pages/day (be honest with me... is this too much?)

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