Friday, January 31, 2014

What I Wore

I bought coloured jeans a while ago the only problem?  I'm too scared to wear colour on top when I have it on the bottom.
BUT I do know my colour wheel and maybe, just maybe, I'll brave some complimentary colour action and throw on a yellow top someday soon with my purple pants.

The flats?
You should know that I do wear boots to school.  Every day.  It is too cold and snowy to go without them.
BUT I'm not really a fan of many of my boots whereas I'm a huge fan of most of my flats. So I swap out my boots for flats as soon as I get to the staffroom.
Confession:  I have even been known to go back and forth from my hut in my flats (yup, that's right I go outside in my flats... in winter.. I'm Canadian!)

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