Thursday, March 06, 2014

Paul Klee Art Lesson

You can find the lesson I used here 

I started off my art class much the same way.  I quickly googled "Paul Klee" in an image search and we looked at some of the pictures he had done and talked about them.  We talked about what we think he used to create his images and what we saw in them... it was nothing too deep or spectacular but this is only grade 4.  I also had a short biography on Paul Klee printed that I showed the kids (you can see it in the middle of one of my bulletin boards below).  They thought the picture I choose to put on the bottom was scary and told me to switch it to something else.  
I did not oblige 
(yes, the ones who get to school early were watching me create the biography)

We spent 2 classes (so about an hour) learning about Paul and doing the line drawing and crayon colouring part of the lesson.
I'm not entirely sure but I don't think I did a great job at explaining how to do this step... although I did mention numerous times to not do too careful of a job of colouring and to leave white spaces so that the paint would have something to stick to.
The kids wanted me to make one... can you guess which is mine?

The following week we finished up our colouring (if we needed to) and then painted over them (I only gave them the option of purple, pink, or red paint)

My Paul Klee art is on this bulletin board.

What step did we forget?
We were supposed to dab off the excess paint.
I guess some of the paint was thin enough that the paint doesn't completely take over the art... but some *ahemREDahem* definitely went on a little thick.

Ah well, they still enjoyed doing it and think it looks good.

Also, we don't have those hockey puck type paints.   I think what we have is acrylic paint (in MASSIVE containers) so I just squirt a little in a yogurt cup and mix in some water with it to thin it out.  It works alright.

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