Thursday, March 06, 2014


Nothing like a perfectly timed snow day in March!
Yes, I said perfectly timed
I\ve been feeling a little under the weather this week
I've got [what seems like] a never ending pile of marking
It's report card season!

My plan for the day is to get through this marking and write my ELA and science comments (I would have done French but I left a sheet at school that I need for the comments.  Aww shucks)

The only downside?
Today was our art day and I'm in charge of the all important main hallway bulletin board this month... but we need to get some artwork done first (I might add that we started this artwork about a month ago but Valentine's day, snow days, and substitutes being in for me kept getting in the way of completing it).
Today was also our computer lab day and we were going to learn how to graph in Excel so that I could put up their Olympic Medal Count bar graphs.  Looks like the Olympics continue in class 4CP!... our bar graphs will be going up on our Olympic bulletin board - also in the hallway.  

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