Tuesday, March 04, 2014


I wrote a couple weeks ago about a lesson I did on descriptive language using some made sandwich making skills and looking at/listening to/smelling/feeling/eating Hershey's Chocolate Kisses.  The hope with these lessons was that my students story writing would be more... colourful, vibrant, erm... less boring?
Has it worked?  
For some, yes.. but naturally as in most classrooms not everyone is writing exactly what I want to read.  

Anywho, I planned a comic unit for them over the break (and by planned I mean I planned out the stories they would write and didn't do a thing with comics). 
Honestly, I've been dreading the actual comic part of this unit for one reason.  
My ex was supposed to plan it for me 
*cry me a river*

Anyways, like I said we are in the comic part of the unit (FINALLY) and I'm actually super impressed what I was able to throw together ALL ON MY OWN

This girl.  Who has never read a graphic novel.
This girl.  Who doesn't read comics.
This girl.  Who just isn't into that kind of stuff.

But my students are into that kind of stuff (I knew I had to do a graphic novel/comic unit with them when the majority handed in a survey at the beginning of the year telling me they prefer to read graphic novels and comics)... and I REALLY want them to like ELA.  
So I've tried.

The hard part?  My students have asked when my "boyfriend" is coming in to teach them a class (because months ago I told them he would) and they have asked if my "boyfriend" put the unit together.  When I told them it was I who did it all one said that it showed because it wasn't very good 
*cry me another river*
BUT THEN... an adult told me it was a cool idea... phew... ego stroked.

ANYWHO, I decided in January when I was trying to plan this comic unit a couple of days before going back to school (I had the flu, give me a break) that they couldn't start writing a comic book without having a story first.  
So story writing is where we started.

Look forward to the next few Tuesday's there being a post about the stories we wrote 
(hopefully by then I'll have some quality comic books that my students have written to share with you).

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