Saturday, March 22, 2014

This Week At School

I realize I didn't post one of these last week.  But in my defense not much has been happening.

Report cards were handed out yesterday.  Hopefully parents are somewhat understanding.

We started dividing in math and so far this isn't going too bad.  Thankfully we did a lot of learning for multiplication which is making division easier (for those that understand multiplication.

We tried to make kazoos out of toilet paper rolls and wax paper for our sound unit but failed at it.  There must be a trick to it that I didn't know.

We got some artwork up in the main hallway and it is kind of impressive!

My grade 8's have been better.  They were doing so good.  SO GOOD.  And then everything fell to pieces. Ugh.  We are spending out last week working on our good copies of our comics.  Hopefully that can be somewhat relaxing and issue free.  I've also started having them read for 10-20 minutes at the beginning of class.  I get them right after lunch and boy are they excited (but not about ELA).  I find it calms them down.

I did a one-on-one inservice to figure out a plan for my end of the year assessment.  We are doing newspapers.  The lady who came to talk to me about it also loved my rubric for my comic unit and is going to pass it around the division.  Yay!  I'm willing to share it with others.  If you are doing a unit on writing comic books you should definitely inquire about my comic rubric!

No one is doing their French homework. Okay, I shouldn't say no one but most of them aren't.  Ugh.  These French books are taking FOREVER.

After giving my students a multiplication test I realized they don't understand how to create word problems for anything but addition.  So we've started doing a problem every morning.  This was Friday's... no one thought anything of it.

In health class we are talking about respectful classrooms (I also did this with my grade 8's).  We came up with a list of what a respectful classroom looks, feels, and sounds like and went from there.  I forgot to take a picture of the poster I made for them after this but I'll snap one this week and write about it later.

Edgar Degas inspired art.  I've seen so many people stop to read about Edgar Degas and how we created these!  I'll post the lesson later.

Some of the French books that have been turned in.  On Friday we are going to spend the class listening to the authors share their stories.

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