Saturday, March 08, 2014

This Week At School

I've been a bit of a sicky this week (but went to school every day).  What started off as a slight sore throat has officially turned into a full blown cold.  Luckily, we had a snow day this week so I did have one extra day to relax (and catch up on my pile of marking).

-  In MATH we are finishing up our unit on multiplication.  Test on Wednesday!
-  In SCIENCE we finished up our unit on Light (test and everything) and then since I was feeling a little overwhelmed with my pile of marking I had us mark the test together. This was probably my only genius idea this week.  Not only did they learn what the correct answers were (and were forced to look at them since they were marking a classmates test) but it saved me from having to mark them myself.  Everyone wins!
-  We sadly missed art this week due to the snow day which is extra unfortunate because I'm to put something up on the big bulletin board in the hallway.  
-  In ELA we are doing some co-constructing curriculum to do with their behaviour.  I've already started to see a big difference in some of my students and I'm looking forward to a great end to our year.  Plus, some of the ideas we are talking about in this class can probably be carried over to my class of grade 4's.

We have been making French books in French class - we used these 5 to learn how to read and come up with ideas of our own.  Looking forward to getting the books done and up on the wall!

No, I didn't lie - this week they did last week without me.  Yes I realize it was early but I needed a simple art lesson that didn't involve teaching on a day I was away for my grade 4's
I've spent the majority of this morning lazing around, sneezing, and blowing my nose but I'm determined to get my science comments done and at least start my ELA ones.  Here's hoping I manage to get at least one class of ELA finished.

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