Thursday, May 22, 2014

Certification Map

It's that time of year (again).

Everyone and their mom (it seems) is trying to land one of those allusive teaching positions for the next school year.  

I'm lucky.  
For once I only had to go on one interview (and I think I only applied for about 6 jobs total) before getting offered a position.

For those of us still on the hunt (and maybe considering a move to another state) I came across a website called Certification Map

Here you will find a pretty thorough breakdown (in this Canadian's opinion) on what certification requirements you must meet for whatever state you want to teach in.

On their How to Become a Substitute Teacher page (because, let's be honest... you can move, apply, and still not get that job you are hoping for) you will find what kind of salary you can expect to earn in that state, prerequisite coursework that you will need to do, how to prepare, and tests you may have to take to teach there.

I looked into what I would need to do if I wanted to teach just north of the boarder from me and boy are there a lot of licenses!  I feel like the one I MIGHT meet is the "regular 2 or 5 year teaching license" after that there are only about 6 more that I would need to look into!  So glad to be teaching where I went to post secondary school!

I also checked out Hawaii (because that seems like a lovely place to have to substitute teach) and their process seemed a little less difficult.  Interview, a substiute teacher course (that can be taken online AND I actually think a substitute teaching course would be a good idea - for anywhere), and then just your application (which includes a TB test - is this a problem in Hawaii?)

Hopefully, all my substitute teacher friends south of the boarder are finding some success' this hiring season!


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