Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Classroom Decor

... I think I know what I want my classroom to look like next year

Check out School Girl Style (she has been revealing a bunch of different classroom decor ideas recently)

The above will take you right to my dream theme.  

Why is it my dream theme?

I think it reminds me of how I painted my bedroom

I would also do a peacock theme (but peacocks are maybe not for everyone)

AND... I think since I will be spending the majority of my time in the classroom next year (I did this year too but it was a super last minute job AND I shared one of my classrooms) that I should really like what it looks like.  Plus, I know a lot of my students that I will be teaching next year already and I'm pretty positive they won't destroy it.

AND... it isn't super kiddish (since it reminds me of my bedroom I would actually argue that it isn't kiddish at all)

AND... it isn't super feminine (or masculine)

Now to get a bunch of my super creative friends together to see what beautiful things we can create (or they can tell me to buy) so that my classroom looks a at least a little like the one in the above link.


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