Friday, May 09, 2014

What I Wore

The staff at my school were getting appreciated this week so on Tuesday we were all instructed to dress "Hawaiian"  
"but I've never been to Hawaii" I complained 

I opted for brighter colours and taking out my sandals for the first time this year (it has been frigid up here!)

I searched and searched for a fake flower to wear in my hair (I used to have one attached to a bobby pin for such emergencies as "Hawaiian Day" but alas, I did not find it)

On this day I also put my hair in braids the night before so my hair was wavy when I took them out in the morning.
"Miss Penner I LOVE you hair.  It goes well with your shirt" 
one student told me

.... good to know that hair can "go with" a shirt (I feel like I've been doing it all wrong up to this point then).

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