Thursday, December 21, 2017

My Former Grade 1 Teacher

The other week I ran into my former grade 1 teacher while substitute teaching. She mentioned to me that she still had a number of the ornaments that myself and my sisters would have given to her as gifts at Christmas time. She specifically mentioned an angel ornament made out of pasta of some kind to which I responded "that sounds like something my mom would have made". This all got me thinking though... what are some gifts from my students that I've kept over the years...

Fake Flowers

I just really liked the look of these. I even kept the tag on this gift so I'll know who it was from and that she thought I was a great teacher.


I'm not at all sure of what this actually is but I've kept it. You can manipulate it to look different ways. I still remember who I got this from, the store she got it from, and the grade this student was in when she gave it to me.

Red Star

This is the first gift that I don't recall who I got it from... I do recall I got it from a student the year I taught grade 4 half time though. It comes out every Christmas.

I've also gotten and still have some candles that I've gotten from students, stuffies, soaps, nail polish, tea, and other odds and ends... some of them end up in a giveaway bag and some of them I put out for guests to enjoy (like tea... because I haven't come around to being able to enjoy it myself yet).

Tomorrow is the last day of classes before the 2 week break!
Enjoy your time off (teachers AND students)!

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