Monday, December 18, 2017

Think Outside the Box

The other week while subbing the teacher had left me this sheet for the students to do as they walked in.  She said they would know what to do with it.  

All they had to do was use their imaginations to come up with what this picture was the start as.  Most kids did something to do with a diamond but then this one kid shared his and said it was an alien with a Christmas door in the back... now that's thinking outside of the box!

It reminded me of when we were in middle school and would doodle in church.  One person would start a doodle and the next person would have to finish it into a picture... so if you don't want to photocopy a bunch of papers with a simple shape on it then just do a random simple doodle on the board and the students could copy it onto a paper and go from there!  

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