Thursday, December 14, 2017


The other week when I was subbing in an early years class I heard the students whispering about this new substitute teacher they were having.  

One had asked me my name when they were walking in and I guess he had shared it with some of the others and they were giggling and whispering about that - which I'm surprised about... I didn't think it was THAT funny of a last name.  I asked my husband if he had gotten teased about his last name growing up and he hadn't... I guess it just isn't as popular as my maiden name... well that and the first half of the name implies that I have no hair (which I clearly have!)

But other than the whisperings about my hilarious name was that "I hope she speaks English".  Living in a very multicultural city means that we have a lot of cultures in all areas of employment... including substitute teaching.  Apparently the substitute they had the previous day was a little difficult to understand because she had an accent.  Anyways, I guess they were happy when I FINALLY introduced myself (and there was no giggling about my name then) and they could see that I spoke without an accent.

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