Monday, April 30, 2018

Canteen Price List?

I found this in a grade 4 classroom

At first glance it seemed like an innocent price list... possibly for a canteen or something.

But then as your eyes wander down the page you see there is the option to have a Bud Light for $2 or a Budweiser for $2

When I was in grade 4 I'm not sure I would have even been able to name a brand of beer (then again, my parents didn't drink and so I didn't see a lot of alcoholic containers growing up I guess).

I regret not asking what this list was for... was it for a game of pretend they were playing in the classroom?  An assignment?  Maybe they were planning what to sell at a canteen for a sporting event at the school or something?

It's a real mystery to me but uhm... at least they have some options for the 18+ crowd on their list?

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