Saturday, July 21, 2018

This Week OFF From School

Here is the run down on weeks 2 and 3 of summer vacation

I've now made it to running for 30 minutes.. which is actually the end of the program so now I'll probably increase it every week by a couple of minutes until I get to about 35 minutes and then just work on increasing speed.

We went to the cabin a couple more times.

I picked 8 more liters of strawberries!... and froze the majority of them.  We should be set for strawberries in our smoothies until March (hopefully).

We've been eating a lot of zucchini around here.  Something has to be made out of zucchini every week and we still are having to freeze some.  So far we've had roasted zucchini with parmesan and spices, zucchini cake, and once we substituted zucchini to use instead of pasta with some spaghetti... but the cheapo spiralizer I got is much too small for our massive zucchini's!

We made more ice cream... John insisted on s'more ice cream and we quickly regretted attempting to make it when we realized marshmallows are incredibly sticky after been roasted in the oven... who knew!?!... it's a joke.

We are planning some pretty big renovations at our place so I went and visited the fine folks over at Kitchen Craft to help us design our kitchen.  It's still in the beginning stages but I'm hopeful that we can find a way to have then oven in a spot I like and still have a pantry in the end.  *fingers crossed*

I go for walks with my cousin that lives in the area a couple of times a week.  This week we visited a Starbucks on our walk and you know what grinds my gears... that we don't have a single Starbucks in my area where we can redeem our stars.  

On another walk I found the most perfect dress at Winners but it was just a bit too small for me... so I went in search of it at 2 other Winners and Marshall stores and haven't been able to find it again.  I'm hopeful I'll come across it again though because I want to wear it to a wedding I'm going to at the end of August.

I did find this dress though

In a mustard yellow and another one in red.  I'm tempted to go back and get it in red.

I've been a weed pulling machine.  The front, back, and side yard are looking a lot better these days!

The backyard... with the garden in the back

Of course if you really wanted to find a weed in the grass somewhere it wouldn't be hard to do but I'm pretty impressed with the job I did regardless.  Now it just has to rain so the grass can go back to being green!

We went mini golfing and despite me getting 3 hole's in one and John getting none I still lost.

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