Saturday, July 07, 2018

This Week OFF From School

Summer vacation is officially here and here is a glimpse of how I spent my first week officially on break!

July 1st was Canada Day... the park that is closest to us that normally does fireworks is no longer doing them due to some fancy schmancy gardens being  made.  So instead we watched some okay fireworks from the comfort of our home.  We also had a couple of friends over for dinner and played games.

We have a restaurant here that revolves... like it actually spins (very slowly) around so that eventually you've seen out all the exterior windows.  It's also about 30 floors up so the view is pretty amazing.  My husband and I went there for lunch this week and I must say... the views and the food were great.

My birthday was this week. 

The "cake" my husband made for me
I had a free manicure to take advantage of so I went for that (and upgraded to gel so that it would last longer).

First Tuesday of every month you save 10% of your total cost of groceries at a bunch of grocery stores here so it's usually the day we stock up for the month... so I went grocery shopping.

I picked 8 Liters of strawberries at a nearby strawberry patch.

I spread the ones I'm going to freeze out so that they don't all clump together... this was probably about 1/3 of them

I've been using a running app to get me running for a longer period of time.  As of yesterday I'm officially at 25 minutes of running.

I made a bunch of cookies for a family gathering we went to at the park.

We also used up some of those strawberries I picked and made some Chocolate Banana Strawberry Ice Cream.

What I didn't get done was to try to organize all my school stuff into a filing cabinet my husband lugged upstairs months ago... for some reason it wasn't meant for hanging folders and I'm still trying to figure out what purpose this filing cabinet serves if it's not for hanging folders!

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