Sunday, June 02, 2013

This Week at School

This week at school I subbed every day (Huzzah)!
This week at school I subbed a morning in kindergarten and an afternoon in grade 8 art (on the same day).
This week at school we had a tornado drill!
This week at school I subbed in a 1/2/3 split classroom (not the same one as last week though).
This week at school I collected a bunch of art work from my students.

Speaking of art work....

Here we have a picture of some kids playing on roofs

 The girl who drew this loved me (especially my hair).  
Is the picture on the left of a person without a head?

 This is a fairly accurate drawing of what I looked like this day.  I was wearing a black dress and red shoes.  She even asked what colour my eyes were!... but I guess I was looking a little out of it which is why my eyeballs are staring at the ceiling.

Painting from kindergarten

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