Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have this friend who is a bit of an artist (ok, a bit of an artist is likely an understatement... he is an artist.. it's what he does).
Anyways, whenever a student draws something that I think he might recognize I snap a picture of it and send it to him.  

Because you are dying to know... the picture I sent him (that started everything) was this one:
The kid told me it had something to do with Star Wars (because I know you were wondering)

Anyways, when I sent it to this friend I couldn't remember what it was of... I assumed it was Star Trek since the movie had just come out.  To help us figure it out I sent him pictures of some of the other art work this particular kid had drawn.  Which was when my friend (the artist) decided the kid had talent and he now wants the kid to sign his crutch.  Which will obviously happen when I break my friends legs just so he has a reason to get a crutch (what can I say, I'm an amazing friend).

The kids were away at music this whole time and when they came back they were to write in their agendas, clean up, and then go home.  There wasn't really going to be too much more of the day.  But my friend had one request "get him to draw a robot ninja ordering a coffee from a space dog"

There wasn't a lot of time to spend drawing but naturally I had to get the kid to do this to see what he came up with (plus I expected my friend to be super pumped that I actually followed through with it).

I did forget parts of his request though.  I believe I asked the kids to draw me "a robot giving a space dog a coffee"

So in the end this is what he drew...

 I had a couple of his friends also draw it

I think we can all agree that it was a productive day in grade 3/4!

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