Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stories (Part 2)

I mentioned "The Book of Awesome" in last week's tip of the week which I suggested for grades 5 and above, telling you to stay tuned for a suggestion for lower grades. Well the wait is over. For anything under grade 5, bring a picture book! Wow, what an incredible idea that you would have never thought of!

I like to go to "Winners" or "Chapters" clearance section for my picture books. You will find a lot of lesser known books here that are just as amazing as the more popular Dr. Seuss books. But the difference being this: the kids haven't heard these stories a thousand times already. A bonus to you is that you will never be paying more than $6 for a book.

I like to switch it up depending on the season that we are in. Once December rolls around I start bringing out my Christmas books and in October I break out my Halloween books. I have yet to acquire any books for the other seasons.. but you definitely can! One of my more popular books is a Halloween pop up book. The kids love it, I love it... it's wins all around.

Just remember to bring your book home with you (I've lost a couple of good books by forgetting about them on a desk or chair somewhere) and make sure the kids do not destroy your precious, precious pop up books.

Here are a few from my collection

The ever popular Halloween pop up!

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