Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quick Questions

Sometimes, as a substitute teacher, you will be required to fill a vacancy. This just means that you will be a float between numerous classrooms throughout the day. Schools will often do this when teachers need to be in meetings for only a short period of time within the school or to help the teacher when they are doing individual student teaching (such as CAP testing).

Other times you may find yourself in a classroom other than your own to help a teacher out when you have a prep.

I don't recall which of this circumstances this day fell under but the point was that for one period I found myself in a classroom other than my own.

So, I walk into the classroom, introduce myself to the teacher, and explain why I am there and before I can get out my name one of the girls in the class already has her hand up to ask me a question.

Sidenote: Here is a picture of myself. I can apparently pass for a lot of nationalities. Asian being one of the ones that is often guessed first by people who do not know me. I am not Asian though.

Eventually the teacher calls on the girl and she is given the chance to finally ask her question.

"Is she Korean?" she asks, referring to myself.

I laugh about it because of course I would be mistaken as an Asian.

"No", I tell a disappointed Asian girl who was clearly excited that she may have found someone in her school like herself.

I think looking like so many different races may be helping me though. Kids that are Asian think I am one of them. Kids who are native american also think I am them. I've also gotten Mexican, Filipino, Hawaiian, and French. Basically, everyone thinks I can relate to them.

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