Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Ah hallways... the one place everyone wants to work. The one place I love sending kids to work because it makes for a slightly less hectic classroom. Not the one (as in only) place kids get into trouble (because there are multiple place kids get into trouble these days).

Here is a story about one of the more humorous stories of kids getting into trouble in the hall.

A couple of boys were the first to request to do the work in the hall. They promised me they would get their work done (and they were) so I let them.

Now I'm not going to say big mistake here like I normally might because it made for a funny story...

The classroom I was in this day was on the second floor of the school and was located right beside the stairwell. So the boys were working on the other side of the doors inside the stairwell but still on the second floor.

Well you see there is this other teacher who teaches right below the classroom I was in this day. The thing about this teacher is she is not a favourite amongst the students at this particular school.

So what do the boys decide to do when they see her enter the stairwell on the main floor?

No, they do not spit on her or toss gum over the side so that it sticks in her hair... that would be too cruel and they would have been in big trouble for that.

They toss an eraser down on her.

The teacher flips out on them and comes in to talk with me about how they should not be in the hall because they can clearly not behave.

So the boys come back smirking at each other at their successful eraser toss which got the exact reaction they were hoping for.

Good one teacher below us.

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