Sunday, September 08, 2013

This Week at School

- Things have been A LOT hectic (please keep in mind that I only got the job last Thursday and visited the school for the first time the following Friday)
- I'm learning my students names (I'm having a really hard time with this... I see 4 different classes throughout the cycle though.  I'm not at all sure how gym and music teachers manage!  If you have suggestions I would love to hear them)
- I put up some posters!.. honestly I was just tired of looking at boring classroom walls with nothing on them.
- I also stuck up some student work!
- I volunteered my services to help with a running club.  Looks like I'll be getting my first sub in the classroom before the end of the month.
- Ok, this doesn't happen at school but it happens on the drive home... I started listening to The Outsiders on my drive home... it will be my students first novel study (hopefully in about a month) so I decided I would use my 40 minute drive home wisely.  I started it today and got through the first chapter.

Things have almost been too crazy to take pictures.  But I quickly snapped some after school today (next week I'll get a picture of my actual "hut"/Grade 8 classroom)
On the 2nd day of school I got my first present from a student.  German chocolate (and mints)!

I have limited wall space in my Grade 8 classroom but managed to get myself a bookshelf (not all the books fit on it... I figured I would switch them out in a couple months)

I made 3 hand in bins for the class' that meet in the hut.  This way I just have to grab the bin and bring it home.  The really low table is leaving my room and we are getting computers over there instead of the shelf so I'll have to find somewhere else to put the hand in bins.

Friday after school I started looking through the collection of posters and just putting stuff up.  And by stuff I mean one poster... It's a start!

I put one classes All About Me posters in here.  I thought they were a little personal and therefore will not be putting a photo of them on my blog.

When I walked into my grade 4 classroom after school I somehow almost missed this.

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