Sunday, September 22, 2013

This Week at School...

-  Continued with cross country (only one more practice to go!)
-  I signed my teaching contract for the year!
-  We are learning about bears for our Habitats and Communities unit in science
-  We did the Terry Fox run... Terry Fox is a Canadian Hero
-  Discovered that my grade 8's have a free computer class... so I'm making them each a blog to keep up with.
-  Slugging it out with basic multiplication facts in math
-  My grade 5's learned (and memorized) the days of the week in French in order!

And... I managed to take a few photos...
My Grade 8's Blogs... Only the class will be able to view them so I won't bother posting a link.  But I created the blogs here.  So far it seems like it will be really great.  Stay tuned for updates on how we are doing with it and tutorials.

I only see my grade 4's in the morning and for the most part only teach them Math and Science.  There is one ELA class that I have with them on my own (without my teaching partner) so every day 4 we have a new Star of the Cycle.  My amazing, talented, and awesome boyfriend made the template for me!
  I might be willing to share...

Remember that amazing, talented, and awesome boyfriend of mine?  He also made us a job poster.  The kids picked these jobs at the beginning of the year and we will switch jobs every Monday (those who did not have a job this week will all get one next week)

This was our art lesson from last week.  You can find the tutorial here (I pretty well just followed the on screen instructions - we have a projector in the class so I was able to pull up the website and show it to the class)

It's hard to tell just how large this mug is but it's pretty large.  That boyfriend of mine gave it to me along with a bunch of treats to stash away in my desk when I first got hired... anywho, the mug finally made its way to school and my classroom on Friday.

When I went to sign my contracts I was given a present from the school division in the form of a book!... I'll stick it in my pile of books to read.
Stay Tuned for.. 
- a tutorial on an optical illusion lesson I did with my 4th graders in art. They enjoyed the lesson so much that some went home to look up more optical illusions and many are making second and third art projects on the illusion we did. Hopefully we will finish the project on Friday.
- A tutorial for how to use Kidblog and what we are doing with it
- A substitute teaching book!  What it's called, who it's by, and where to find it will all be coming shortly!

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