Monday, September 09, 2013

Teaching Certifcate

I'm sure this doesn't happen too often...

But can you believe it has happened to me?!?
The student in question wasn't quite so demanding... in fact he was just trying to figure out my first name.  What he did know was that I was required to carry my certificate (which is actually more like a card - think birth certificate) and that if asked to show it I was required to show it (although I'm pretty sure this doesn't apply to having show it to my students).  

Anywho, I showed it to the student.
Told him to see with his eyes and not with his hands
And covered up my name with my finger.

Also, I found the cartoon here


  1. In California, we don't have to carry a "demand ID". The simple fact that the office gave me a key to the room is enough to verify that I'm certified to be there.

    Where in the country are you that this ID is used?

    1. I'm in Canada. I don't think I would get into trouble for not having my teaching certificate with me but from what I understand if asked to show it we are supposed to. No one other than a student has ever asked to see it. In fact, even when I got my teaching position they just asked for the number on it... not to actually see it


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