Sunday, September 29, 2013

This Week At School

-  My grade 8's got on their blogs and some of them (dare I say most of them?) are loving the concept!... although so far all most of them have done is left a comment.
-  My grade 4's made math games.  Hopefully by next weekend these will turn into weekend take home games to practice their multiplication
-  I had my first substitute in the classroom (just for Friday afternoon).  He said the kids were good!  Phew!
-  My grade 4's didn't end up finishing their optical illusion art projects... guess we carry it over to another week.
-  Went to my first cross country meet on Friday.  The good news?  One of the grade 5 girls I coached came in first!!  Another one came in 5th.  One of my grade 8 students also came in first (but I didn't coach him).  It was a little chilly but not too terrible... until it started raining and there was no shelter.  We all got a little (a lot) wet but I think for the most part we had a good time.

Since their art project didn't get finished I don't have many pictures to share.  In fact I only have one

Have I told you that I teach my afternoon classes in a portable classroom that we call "the hut"?  Well, that's my hut.  It goes a decent ways back and is a nice size.  It isn't located too far from the school (when I took this picture I was almost at the schools door) but I can tell that it might not seem so great come winter or a down pour.  Also, on most days, I'm the only one out here.  There is one other portable classroom beside mine but it is used only one day of the week as a daycare (and I've actually only seen someone go into it once).  If there ever was a problem (like a lock down) I would feel kind of a alone out there.

This weekend I'll be working on:
-  A handout for my grade 8 students on how to make a blog post
-  Planning math (lots and lots of math)
-  Making up questions for the grade 4's math journals (these will go home on weekends with their games)
- Marking some grade 8 work
-  Getting together some lessons for my grade 4's on legends (we are using them to help us learn about adaptations in animals)
-  Figuring out what I want to be for Halloween (at school)!  I work at a fairly religious public school.  I'll have a few of my students not even show up on Halloween because of the concept but those that will are allowed to dress up (nothing scary).  I'm assuming there will be a lot of super heros and animals maybe?... hmm.. maybe I should challenge my class to come as an animal so we can use it as a learning opportunity in science.  Anywho, I REALLY want to be a peacock but I don't know about finding that costume.  If you have any suggestions about peacock costumes let me know ASAP!

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