Tuesday, September 03, 2013

School has Started!

Labour Day long weekend is officially behind us and children everywhere are heading back to school.
This means you can start looking forward to some T.W.A.S posts on Sunday's again (probably not this week though)
And we can all get back to inspiring young minds again!

and to kick it all off... a video.

This guy had a lot of intelligent things to say.
and I would have to agree with him...
"Packets" are no fun (I just call them worksheets though).
I don't even like handing them out as a substitute teacher (ok, maybe some days when I am just not feeling like doing much teaching they are alright.  But most of the time I would much rather be teaching the kids in a really exciting way).
Having said that... I can definitely understand why teachers leave them for substitutes to hand out.  It is not always a guarantee that a substitute is going to know how to teach the lesson.  If everything the students need to know is in a worksheet then the teacher doesn't have to worry about whether the substitute is able to teach the lesson or not.

This guy was clearly passionate about his education and I think that is super cool and great.  I'm glad he said something.... I wander if the teacher re thought her teaching methods after this.  
I hope that if I'm giving out too many worksheets a student would have the courage to approach me about it and we could discuss what could work better... but I would rather him (or her) approach me one on one.. I might get a little defensive and taken aback if the student did it in this manner.

Whether you are a teacher or a substitute teacher you are still a TEACHER so let's teach!
Let's inspire some young minds this year!
Be exciting
Show that you love what you do

Let's "touch some freaking hearts"!

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