Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Take the Kids Outside

Everyone loves extra recess time but in a middle school they don't even get recess which is why going outside during the class time is awesome no matter what.

On this particular day I was teaching health and no one wants to sit inside learning (or teaching) sex ed or anything (although sometimes I think it might be kind of funny to teach it just because kids can be so awkward).

Anywho, I obviously opted to take the kids outside instead.

Some of them played football, some baseball, some brought a book. Who really cares. I basically set them free and started working on my tan.

Just kidding.

When a student who is all by himself challenges you to a game of horse you do not turn it down. It doesn't matter that today you are wearing an adorable dress and flip flops. You always accept an invitation to school someone half your age at a game you may not even win.

The game obviously took all class because we both sucked pretty bad at it.

And we obviously added a bunch of extra letters

"Oh you've already spelled horse? How about we play horsies instead?"

I'll admit it was touch and go for basically the entire game. That is until I found my sweet spot from which I dominated the last 5 minutes and came out a triumphant winner.

PS. I am now retired from the game of Horse so don't even ask me to play.

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