Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Week At School

Where has the week gone?!?

-  I booked my first substitute (for the end of the month)... actually the principal booked the sub for me.
-  I helped out with cross country club
-  I THINK I taught my students how to count to 10 in French (we will continue to practice this at calendar time)
-  I took my grade 4's outside one morning to search for habitats
-  I signed up for my first conference as a full time teacher (the best part is... it' within walking distance from my house... no 40 minute car ride for this girl that one day!)
-  I did not take any photos (I barely have time to eat people, I PROMISE I'll take pictures for next week!)

I have 2 classrooms and to be honest, they are maybe still a bit of an embarrasssment.  I need to figure out a bulletin board for my habitats and communities science unit.  The teacher left stuff for one behind... I just don't know how to make it.  I think I want my students involved in it somehow.  I do have student work up in both rooms now which is a major plus.

I've come up with of somewhat of a plan so that I can still have a life outside of school.  My plan is to only do marking outside of school on Tuesday's, Thursday's, and weekends.  This way I know I won't be as busy on Monday's and Wednesday's and maybe I'll be able to get together with people again.    On Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's I plan to be leaving the school by 4:30.  I have a prep last period every day which means I'll have an hour and a half at the end of the day to get any prepping, marking, or decorating done.  Decorating I'll save for Friday's... I just feel like it will maybe be a good way to end the week.  And finally, over the weekends I plan to organize my next weeks worth of lessons.  Write it all down into my daybook so that I know what I need to photocopy and am not rushing around the morning of (hopefully eventually I'll also be able to get my photocopying for the week done ahead of time too).

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