Sunday, October 06, 2013

This Week at School

-  My grade 8's discovered I can't say the word "more" and now that it's out I feel like I say it all the time.  How do I say it... "mahr".  I don't notice that I say it wrong.  It sound right to me.  But everyone else notices.
-  Final cross country run was on Friday.  It was a high of 7 but without any sun coming through the clouds and the wind I'm sure it was much cooler.  But we survived!
-  Finally convinced my grade 8's that blogging isn't lame, boring, or a waste of time.  Or... at least I convinced 90% of them.  (I will hopefully get around to posting more about blogging in the upcoming week or 2)
-  Gave my grade 5's a French quiz that they all did AMAZING on
-  Had my first full day substitute in on Friday while I went to cross country.
-  Gave my grade 4's the option of finishing up art or working on their legends... they choose legends *shocked*
-  Planning  "Art Around the World" for my grade 4's.  And by planning I mean I thought up the idea one night... but haven't looked further into it.  I'm sure it can take us through the entire year though which would be good.

I'll take more pictures next week... I promise we do get things done in school... some of it is even up on the walls as proof!

One of my (female) students really likes me!  This was the comment she left on one of my blog posts.  I have some pretty great students.

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