Friday, October 18, 2013

What I Wore...

Somehow I've gone ahead and gotten the label as some kind of teacher who always looks fashionable.  I must admit that yes, somedays I do try to look good but there are definitely days that I don't want to try and just throw on a dress because it is easy.  No matter what I do one of my grade 8 students insists that I always look great (and boosts my ego every day)

So... what have I been wearing the last week or so at school?
This past week we had picture day and here is the number I wore that day.  I wasn't sure what to wear so I went with white jeans *gasp* (isn't it a rule not to wear white after labour day AND jeans... at school!?!).  I just didn't see the point of getting super dressy just for a photo.  Also, my black pants are too big on me (and have been for some time now).  Which is why I bought new black pants months ago and for some reason STILL haven't gotten around to hemming them.  I will.  This week!
Yes, I wear jeans at school.  Our school is fairly casual.  But I do try to only wear blue jeans on Friday's (and always have paired it with a nicer shirt).

My favourite accessory as a teacher (or substitute) a big bag!  You can't tell by this picture but this bag is massive!  I've easily fit my lunch, a water bottle, a binder, and 20 duotangs in here at the same time.  
It is a must.

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