Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Week at School

-  My grade 4's discovered I can't say "more" and one of them likes the way I say it!
-  We rushed to get some kind of Thanksgiving craft/art project done (that I now realize I forgot to take a picture of).
-  We have been doing ad presentations in ELA and my students are bribing me with treats!  Also, for the most part, they have been doing a really great job at presenting!
-  In French we are spending the month learning Thanksgiving/Fall vocabulary (I wasn't allowed to teach Hallowe'en).  I'm hopeful that by the end of the month they will be ready to learn parts of the body and we can label a giant scarecrow (and maybe a skeleton too) with the names.
-  In science class the grade 4's have been working on legends to showcase their knowledge of a habitat and animal adaptations.  They have been busy typing them out all week... hopefully we can get them done in 2 computer classes
-  We are collecting empty toilet paper rolls for an art project.... stay tuned!
-  We are wrapping up our Media Unit in ELA.  Hopefully we will have time to get through a novel study (we will be doing The Outsiders) and then start a comic unit before we break for Christmas.
-  Math is hectic but everyone eventually managed to return their math games (one journal never made it back though) so I sent out the games for round 2.  This time I gave them an incentive.  If they return their game and journal (with the journal filled in) by Wednesday this coming week they will get a sticker.  Collect 5 stickers and you get a pencil (or eraser or something).  Hopefully I get a few more games back.
-  In health we are setting goals.  I strongly suggested a lot of their goals be to play their math game and do the work for this week.  Next health class we will see if they managed to make any of their goals (they were all short term goals - just for the week).


I took in the kids French duotangs to find all these drawings...

I leave fairly early... sometimes it's still darkish out.  Sometimes I see some really beautiful sunrises.

Notes on the board from my students

Presentation treat #1 half a vanilla cookie half a chocolate cookie

Presentation treat #2 super power brownie... or pure icing.

TV rules for kids (they were making rules for people who put out tv shows for kids)

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