Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Week at School

-  I had my first ever observation as a teacher!... results pending (I haven't met with the admin about it yet)
- We started (and almost finished) these adorable owl toilet paper tube things in art.  They are pretty cute.  Hopefully they will stick to the bulletin board.  (I left my phone in the city the day we made these and then had a meeting in the city the following day (Friday) so I never got a picture of them.
-  Almost finished unit 1 in math!
-  I made students write newspaper articles and thought the lesson was a little unfocused but my students handed in awesome stories!  So proud!... now to work on the editing process.  (lesson will be posted soon).  The articles were so good that I stuck them all in duotangs for the class to read.
-  Ad projects got posted on the wall.
-  French students are ready for another quiz!  Colours, weather, and seasons will be tested on Tuesday!  We move on to parts of the body this week (I put up a giant scarecrow for us to label on the board)
-  We started a novel study in ELA and most of the kids are super into the book!  Huzzah!  Many of them are reading WAY ahead.

Not many photos this week due to me forgetting my phone in the city.

Ad posters

The month is almost over and we have been busy on the student blogs!

Stay tuned for a look at my Halloween costume!

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