Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Christmas in the Math Classroom

Once again, some of you may have found your way here from my other blog: Confessions of a Modern Day Mennonite where we are celebrating Blogmas (a countdown to Christmas on a blog… obviously). If you found your way here from there (is that confusing?) Welcome! If you found your way here because you come here looking for my lovely insight, activities, and classroom procedures on substitute and regular classroom teaching then I’m glad you’ve stuck around.

Last week I gave you some (free) ideas for things to use in your English classroom and this week we are talking about Christmas in the math classroom. I’ve broken all the activities into grade groupings again but as I’ve said in the past… depending on the ability levels of your students you may want to look at one of the other categories for some ideas.

As per usual I’m starting with the grade groupings of kindergarten to grade 3

Christmas dice roll cover up games of a Christmas tree and snowman

Christmas addition math games

Here is an adding and subtracting worksheet where you colour the different colours of lights either red or green (depending on if they are even or odd)

colour by number (addition)

Here is another colouring activity where students will practice addition.

colour by by number (addition and subtraction)

more dice roll games

connect the dots

connect the dots skip counting by 2’s

what comes next patterns 

You can use glyphs as a way of representing things about each of your students.  After your students make their glyphs you can even graph some of the results by looking at them.  
Here is a gingerbread man template and here is the glyph information to go with it.

Now, onto the grade 4-6 catagory!

Here are some games that only require a printout and a dice (and a friend).  It works on doubling.

My grade 5/6 students could not get enough of coordinate pairs last year!  Here is a santa claus coordinate pairs activity!

Here is a fraction activity that involves drawing a snowman.  The end result isn't anything spectacular but your students have practiced their fractions in the process of making it!

An elf related number patterns worksheet

upper grades

I used these cards (ally year) last year with my more advanced students to get them to practice their improper fractions and mixed numbers.

I'm only assuming that students love 4 quadrant coordinate graphing as much as coordinate graphing (just scroll through to find the Christmas ones)

Santa’s route questions – how far does he have to travel between cities

and some Christmas word problems

And.... if you still need more ideas for what to do with your students this Christmas season check out Mama's Learning Corner for a bunch more ideas!

What are you going to do in your math classroom this Christmas?  Leave a comment below telling us what it is to add to the list!

Here is a list of ideas of things you can do in your ELA classroom.

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