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Classroom Christmas Decor

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No matter what grade level you teach (I would like to think) your students are going to get excited come Christmas time.  It may be because they get a break from school (where I live we get 2 weeks) or because they know Santa is coming, or perhaps they are excited about presents.... Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, they are going to get excited.  Just imagine how happy you'll make them when one day you come in announce that you need help setting up a Christmas tree in the corner or decorating the classroom door?  I think they'll be pretty excited.

So here are five ideas for ways that you can decorate your classroom for Christmas

Get a Christmas tree

Here is a tree that was in one of the classrooms I subbed in this past week.  The kids made some ornaments to put on it and the teacher left some that he bought at the dollar store to add on as well.  Unfortunately, the lights weren't all working... but no one was complaining about that!

If I was doing this (and I had a newer fake Christmas tree at home) I would just bring in my current tree.  I'm thinking of getting new lights at the end of this Christmas season so the ones that are currently on there could be used for my Classroom tree AND I have a bunch of extra ornaments from when I made an Ornament Wreath. 

Do some Christmas art...
to put up on the walls.  
This art project was super easy and the teacher loved the variety of things the students did for theirs!

3D snowflakes  
If I had table groups in my room that were numbered I think I would hang a snowflake above each table grouping.  

Find the instructions for how to make these here

I also found these stars (that light up!) at Ikea that I think are great.  But paper is much, MUCH cheaper (and likely free from the school) so I would likely go with that option.

Decorate the classroom door.

Christmas handprint tree.  
When I was teaching kindergarten I traced all my students hands (and then cut them all out) and made a bulletin board of a Christmas Tree using them.  In one of the craft centers that I would have up in my classroom we used as a Christmas ornament making center and anything they made there we stuck on the tree.  It all happened a number of years ago so I don't have a picture... but this is the same idea of the tree that I made.

Did you decorate your classroom for Christmas this year? 

Use the comment section below and leave a link back to any photos you have.  I would love to see them!

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  1. Love the tree art project...I think open ended art projects like that are so beneficial for the students!


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