Thursday, June 07, 2018

Music and Poetry

One of the grade 6 classes that I help out in has been doing a figurative language project for the last couple of weeks and they are loving it.

For the project they have to look up songs (current ones, old ones, rap music, country music... it really doesn't matter what kind... as long as they are appropriate) and find different forms of figurative language in them.

They are looking for 
-  Similies
-  Metaphors
-  Personification
-  Onomotapia
-  Hyperbole

There might be one other that I'm forgetting but if you decide to do this you can really do whatever ones you want!

I can't really get into much specifics of the assignment other than that because they are doing it on iPads with certain programs that I'm not well versed in at all (their teacher has been teaching them how to use these programs during class times when I'm not in the room).  But basically they are creating different slides explaining why the different lyrics are these different types of figurative language and then they are inserting short clips of the music videos into the project.

Why do I think they are loving it?
1)  They get to use the iPads
2)  They get to listen to music
3)  They get to create something 

They really are having quite a bit of fun with it.  Let me tell you, it's going over much better than my grade 8 poetry unit.

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