Saturday, June 30, 2018

This Week At School

... was the last week of school!

There wasn't a whole lot to do this last week of school.  I would have had my students present their debate topics in the process of an actual debate but they were doing very little in all their other classes it just wasn't working out for them to get much accomplished in ELA.  We did do a couple of them informally though.

I went for many walks to the local 711 with my students.  When one girl walked out with an extra large slurpee announcing that her mom doesn't even let her get a medium I told her that if her mom happened to find out about the size of slurpee she decided to purchase that she should just tell her mom "but mom, you don't let me get mediums"

I even found time to squeeze in a half day personal day in this last week.

I helped teachers stuff report card envelopes.

I helped a new teacher start the process of setting up her classroom.

And on Friday I got appreciated at a staff lunch because I won't be there next year.

For those of you wondering... as it stands currently I don't have anywhere to be next year.  Hopefully a lovely grade 4-6 position opens up in a lovely school that I manage to snag soon... hopefully it's also permanent because then the classroom is actually mine.  Boy would it feel great to have my very own classroom where all my teaching stuff can just stay for forever instead of always having to come home with me at the end of every school year.

But anywho, I hope all the teachers reading this have a lovely and well deserved break... and remember... I'm available to sub for you!

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