Monday, June 11, 2018

Writing Around the Room

There's one teacher at my school that is so creative with how she gets her students to show and do work... she has them writing around the room.

To be honest I never even thought about how many surfaces in a classroom a whiteboard marker could be used on.

She has them using whiteboard markers on their desk tops, any window you could find in the room, and then today she had these white clingy "papers" stuck to the wall for students to write on (after very little research it looks like they are likely something like this). 

Not only does she have them using every surface possible that a whiteboard marker could be used on but she also has a closet door painted with chalkboard paint that they use and a smart board is for another group of students to use.

Somehow they all know exactly where they need to be and what they need to do once they get there.  It gets them up and moving out of their desks and working with others in the room.

In my opinion it's a pretty fantastic idea.

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