Monday, June 18, 2018


There's always got to be some kind of fad that I just can't get behind.

Flossing has officially made it's way to Canada... and no I don't mean of the teeth (I mean, yes, we floss our teeth here... or at least some of us do) I mean the lovely little "dance" move that everyone in middle school is doing.

I say it's made it's way to Canada because I often find things take an extra couple of months to make it here... I have cousins in the states that are around my students age and so when they come up to Canada in the summer I always ask them about the latest fads and if they are already over and done with.  Last year it was fidget spinners and slime that were causing havoc in my classroom.  In July they were already no longer "in" in the states so I knew they would be out of style in Canada when school started up again in September.  Turns out I was right.

So here's hopping I only have to put up with "flossing" for another month and no one will remember what it was come September.

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