Monday, June 25, 2018


Last week I mentioned the oh so popular "flossing" dance move and how I can't stand it but you know what else is popular (and unfortunately will likely still be popular in September unlike my prediction with flossing)... Fortnight.

Apparently you can play it on your cell phone which is why I suspect it's so popular.... if you don't NEED a gaming console then that means all these kids can play it at school... and boy do they ever!

Every morning when I walk down the halls (before school starts) they are playing it, at lunch playing it, during class... talking about it, and after school.. still playing it.

Luckily for me my students are so concerned with me getting in on this awesome new game that they've offered to help me when I start playing it.  I can join their troops and they'll give me stuff... or something along those lines.. I have no intention of playing it so it's not all that important what they are giving me.

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